meI have had a blog at this URL since 2006.  I haven’t posted anything in it since 2009.  Time to refresh and reload.

I am Craftscout.  I have been Craftscout for more than a decade, ever since I discovered I was not the first “Scout” to try to get on the internet.  “scout(at)hotmail(dot)com” was not available, but “craftscout” was.  And since I am an artsy craftsy kind of person, it worked.

Before I was Craftscout, I was just Scout.  I have been Scout since my English class was reading to Kill a Mockingbird twenty years ago.  My college professors forgot my given name after a week of class.

Now that I have children, and I have to deal with signing papers and emailing teachers and conferring with nurses, I have gone back to using my given name, albeit with some uncomfortableness.

Six years ago, I became a different kind of Scout – a Girl Scout – with my daughter.    I didn’t bother to explain that the email address had come before the decision to join.  But it feels good to be a Scout again, even if it a title, instead of a name.

About me: I am an artist, and an artisan.  I am a crafter and a camper.  I no longer dye my hair teal, but that is only because I have to look “respectable” and am waiting for the time when I can look “creative”.  I joined Girl Scouts because I believe in the Girl Scout Law (warning – video in link), and want my daughter to grow up with it engraved upon her heart as a guide for living a good life.  I have two Black Lab mixes that we rescued from the street or from a family who couldn’t keep her.  I have one black cat who is directly descended from Bast and my husband has one cat who doesn’t have the sense of a dodobird.  I have two children who love Scouting as much as I do, one a Girl Scout and one a Cub Scout.  I have husband that I met and fell in love with in high school, but then I left the state, so the romantic part of our friendship had to wait a few years.

About this blog: I’m not sure.  I love blogging, but I am not the most regular.  I try, but this time, I am not promising anything.  What I will say is that I will probably stick to Scout stuff, mostly Girl Scouts since my husband is the Den Leader in the family.


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