Food for All at Camp

One of the first things you notice about my troop is the diversity.  It is both wonderful and a challenge to learn about all of the various cultures represented by these young girls.  When we were First Year Daisies, fully half of my troop was blonde and blue eyed.  These days, I only have one blonde, but I have an entire rainbow – and I love them all.

But the meal decisions – OY!  A few girls are vegetarian, or semi-vegetarian.  Several are omnivorous.  Many do not eat pork.  One has a peanut allergy.  A few are so picky it is hard to get anything in them.

In our Council’s Troop Camper training, we are told that if a girl in your troop has dietary restrictions or allergies, then that girl should probably bring her own food.  I think that if your troop is fairly homogenous, and you only have one girl that stands out in this way (i.e., ONE vegetarian in a troop of meat eaters, ONE girl who keeps kosher in a troop of bacon lovers, etc.) – then this solution makes sense.  But too often, troops are full of a blend of girls, such as mine, which range from one end of the food spectrum to the other.

As a result, I have come up with several different meal plans that ALL of my girls love. Some are indulgent to make everyone happy(hot dog days are fun for the girls, but it involves buying 3 different packs for my troop!), some are meat optional, and some are purely vegetarian.  I plan on sharing a bunch of these.

None of my girls are vegan, and I can’t imagine having a vegan in my troop.  If any recipes or meal plans seem like they would be vegan, I will tag them as such.  But I’m not an expert, and my label reading is more about which type of gelatin is in my marshmallows and whether there is high fructose corn syrup in my juiceboxes.


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