My girls are second year Juniors, and are about to get rolling on their Bronze Award. So far, here’s their plan. They want to make boxes of goodies to give to new pet parents after they adopt a cat or dog from a local animal shelter. We have talked about it in vague terms so far (our first hardcore planning meeting is tomorrow), but we have discussed putting the following into the boxes:

  • canned food (which we have already collected at an event we hosted)
  • collars (although due to the large variations in size, I think I might suggest tags instead
  • toys (dog toys, cat toys)
  • treats, not homemade because we don’t know how fast they will be used
  • coupons
  • information on local vets
  • pet care information
  • anything else we can get donated in quantity

We also will be decorating the boxes, so they look festive, and so volunteers at the shelter can distinguish between cat boxes and dog boxes.

It’s a fun spin on Birthday Boxes for girls who want to help animals.


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