Beta Testing for Council

I don’t know about your Council, but mine is going through a major upheaval. Since the end of last year, various Service Units around town have been told they are merging. We are going from 150ish Service Units to 57 “Communities”. And the staff are all reapplying for their jobs. And every single form and handout and training outline is going to have to be updated (I have seen some forms that still don’t include Ambassadors on them as an option). Final rollout should be the beginning of next schoolyear.

So for the next year, we will be beta testing.

Le sigh. Nobody is really excited by this change. But I’ve noticed that Girl Scouts tend to make some kind of major change every few years. Well, in my experience, anyway. I have only been involved in GS for 6 years, and in that period Daisies went from one year to two, Journeys got introduced, and the Handbooks got overhauled.

My Service Unit is a very strong one, with one out of every three girls at the elementary school level in one of our troops. We have great volunteers, great girls, great retention rates, and great community involvement. But I am looking forward to the change. I am hoping to help implement some changes to benefit the new Community.

I would like to see a big all Community Thinking Day Event, with all Older Girl Troops hosting a Country Table for the benefit of the younger girls. I would also like to see a Scout Fair showing off what the girls have done the previous year in the month before Rally Night(s), with a display for every Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award earned and a display for every trip taken and a display for camping memories and a booth for every level with a badge activity for that level.

Of course, the problem is that I am the SU Fall Product Manager. And I’m a newbie in the neighborhood and in the Service Unit. We’ll see how the beta test rolls out.


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