Troop T-shirts, IDs, and More

A couple of weekends ago, my Council held is Spring Training event up at camp. I had been approached to be Trainer in Charge for two sessions called “Troop T-shirts, IDs, and More”, which freaked me out because I have only been training for less than a year at the time they asked, and am still officially an Apprentice Trainer. But after a few deep breaths, I knew I could handle this. After all, it’s decorating a t-shirt, not running an At-Camp session for Troop Camper Certification! 🙂

I showed the troop leaders how to work with bleach, stencils, and bleach pens. Several of them had done bleached t-shirts at a previous training event, but none of them had ever worked with bleach pens before. As you can see from the pics, some of them went crazy with the bleach pens and made the most gorgeous detailed t-shirts – so detailed, I was worried about having enough bleach pens for the second session! But it all worked out, and the evaluations all said that the leaders enjoyed the sessions and learned a lot about bleach safety to help them when working with their girls – which was definitely one of my focuses (I even brought a copy of the MSDS for bleach).

The fireplace in the dining hall at Camp Misty Meadows. Pretty cool, huh?

Supplies for other t-shirt ideas

My mother always taught me, “Sample, sample, sample!”

I had some crazy talented artists!

But this is more of the idea I was trying to get across, something the girls can do!

If you would like some inspiration for making your own troop t-shirts, you can check out my Pinterest Board for it:

Troop T-shirts, IDs, and More


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