Cooking on a vagabond stove 

So my Cadettes are ready to upgrade from backpacking meals (that just need hot water and time) to actual cooking.  Vagabond stoves, baby.  Before we set the girls loose with cans and lighters, my lovely assistant Troop Leader (and mother) and I tested them thoroughly.  The first time we made these, we used the standard #10 cans (Pro Tip: ask your local elementary school if they will save some for you.  Chances are they will go through enough in one day to outfit your whole Troop!).

For Version 2.0, we used smaller 28 oz cans because we needed the cans to be smaller.  Same technique, though.  Use a church key to vent the top (don’t make these too close, or your stove turns into a jet engine!) and metal shears to cut a door for managing air flow.  Then we found a tiny pan, just big enough for one egg, and started testing. 
We found an intriguing recipe for breakfast sandwiches.  Cook bacon in pan, then cover with an egg, and cook that until almost set, top with a piece of bread, flip to finish egg and toast bread, top with another piece of bread, and voila – breakfast sandwich!

It was really tasty! 

Now for lunch possibilities.  Tacos.  Just pulled stuff out of the fridge to heat through: chicken, rice, onions (which got sauteed first).  Mix in a little green salsa to make sure nothing dries out.

Scoop onto a cheesy tortilla which has been warming in the sun, and top with spicy guacamole.  Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner!
And of course, pancakes!  From a “just add water” mix, and worked just fine.


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