2016 has been an exciting summer. Lots of road trips!  First I took my son up to Mother Neff State Park, near Waco, TX, to spend a week with his grandparents, who have been Park Hosts there this summer. We hit the trails to see the cave, which you can kinda see through the trees above.

Spending the night in a tent in June in Texas requires some planning. But it was better than trying to share the couch with 3 dogs. And my son. Who had a great visit with his grandparents, got to earn his Junior Ranger pin, learned a whole bunch, and got spoiled rotten. 🙂

Then I had to make the 3 hour drive back up there to get him. It was nearly as bad as the drive to pick my daughter up though.

She got picked to be one of the two girls from our Council going to Space Camp through the Destinations Program. She had an absolute blast (hah, get it? Rocket humor. . .)

But my mom and I decided that we should take the boy on a road trip out to pick her up at the end of camp. That would be to Huntsville, AL. A 12 hour drive.

Awesome. Let’s stop in New Orleans along the way, though, mmmmmkay?

Okay. 🙂

We visited a couple of really great places other than the US Space and Rocket Center while we were there.

The Huntsville Botanical Gardens are incredible, better than any I’ve found in the Houston area. While we were there, they had an amazing exhibit called “Houses, Huts, and Habitats”, and so they had wonderful homes of all kinds around the gardens – like this Hobbit Home.

We also visited Harmony Park Safari (twice, because my daughter didn’t want to go until we showed her the photos and videos from our first visit). It was a lot of fun, feeding the animals from the car, even if they did get very insistent about it. 🙂 Feeding tortoises is even more awesome.

A lot of our recent adventure have been exploring our own city, looking for Pokemon. So, normally the response to “Let’s go to Brazos Bend State Park in the middle of July!” would have been a resounding, “Are you out of your mind, Mom? It’s like a billion degrees out there!!” But there were actually cheers when I said, “Let’s go hike around Brazos Bend to see what Pokemon we can find there!”

I am liking this app. 😉


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