Last night was my first Community Meeting of the year. (Communities are what my Council is now calling what used to be Service Units, Neighborhoods, etc. – the local volunteer run geographic regions.)  It was for the Community my newer Troop is in.  My first Troop is in a different Community – the one I helped set a good foundation for. They won’t be meeting for another couple of weeks.

I was super excited about last night’s meeting, though.  I had sent out the meeting info to the Troop, and invited everyone to come – especially the parents who were thinking about stepping up to be leaders this year.  I got a response!  I knew at least one mom was going to be coming!  This has never happened before.

And yay, she actually showed up.  And then another one showed up.  With a friend from her homeschooling group who wanted to have her 6 year old join.  And then another showed up. Holy cow, our Troop had 5 people representing, and 2 had already definitely told me that they would be leaders!  I brought the one I knew about ahead of time the Junior Leader Binder I made up, but I will have to get the Brownie Leader hers at our planning meeting next week.

O.M.G.  I might actually get this Troop out of the nest and flying on their own!


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