If your Council is anything like my Council, you have a lot of paperwork coming into your hands that you absolutely must take good care of: permission slips, meeting plans, training manuals, meeting notes, girl’s health records, badge records, financial record – SO. MANY. RECORDS.

Most Troop Leaders I know tackle this problem with a binder.  Or several binders, in my case.IMG_6940

I’ve started getting ready for the new year. as I said in my back to troop post, and since I am planning on handing off Leadership roles in my younger Troop, I feel that a good way for them to get started is with a fully stocked binder.  I’m hoping they won’t feel as overwhelmed if they are started with the right tools and the right information.  Their binders will likely evolve over the years as they add to it and take away from it, but I plan to get the binders put together in such a way that we can start the year.

What should be in your Troop Leader Binder?  I’m so glad you asked!  Let’s take a look inside my binder for my younger Troop (click on a picture for the description):

Okay, that’s awesome, right, but that is a pretty big binder.  A pretty big, intimidating binder.  Well, that’s MY binder.  MY binder has to have EVERYTHING in it, since my job is now to coordinate everything.  Now let’s see what I have in store for my Daisy Leader (again, click for more info):

The Daisy Level Binder will also have the Community information section, the Songs and Games section, and the Newsletters section, completely identical to mine.  And of course each level will be similar to this, but appropriately labeled and colored.

But I’m not the only one who has ideas on what should be in a Girl Scout Troop Leader Binder.  Here are some other binders you can take a look at for ideas on making your own:



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