Well, that went well!

Yesterday was my new Troop’s first meeting of the new school year, the planning meeting I was telling you about.  I didn’t really have a plan, just a list of to-do’s in my head and a stack of printouts.  So here’s what we did:


We always open with the Promise and the Law, and this time I had newly printed copies of the Promise and the Law in each of the Level Binders I made, so even the new girls could read them.

Badge Voting

After welcoming back all of our returning girls as well as the new girls joining the Troop, we did a quick round of introductions. We ended up having 2 Daisies, 2 Brownies, 2 Juniors, 4 Cadettes, and 1 Senior attending the meeting – a good representation of our Troop.  I had the girls split by Level and asked my new Level Leaders to have the girls vote for their favorite 4 Badges out of the 8 I picked, while I spoke to our one Senior and told her about what I have planned for her this year.  I was so excited that this worked out!  It’s the first time I was able to hand off an important part of the program to other people with confidence.  And according to my Level Leaders, the girls were able to agree quite easily, or with just a bit of negotiations.  I’m really happy that the Brownies want to earn the Bugs Badge!

Service Voting

I also had a bunch of different service project ideas that I brought all the girls together for. A few ideas were really popular, a lot were not popular at all – which was expected.  They got really excited by the towel and blanket drive for the local animal shelter idea.  Because I have yet to meet a girl who didn’t want to help animals . . . and maybe have the opportunity to go to a shelter and play with the puppies/kittens. 😉

Information Dump

After all of the voting was done, I gave the girls (and moms) a quick data dump of upcoming events our Community is planning, so that they could get an idea of what the Troop will have the opportunity to do.  I specifically mentioned the upcoming Community Campout in the Spring, which I will not be able to attend – because my other troop will be at their Community Campout at another camp!

Bridging Activities

Then I gave the moms the forms that needed to be updated each year (Health Forms, etc.) and had them fill those out while the girls and I had a round table discussion about each of the different levels for bridging purposes – one of the benefits of a multi-level troop.  I was really glad to have some girls who had transferred in from another Troop (or Council), because otherwise, the girls in my Troop just don’t have a lot of experience in being a Girl Scout yet – just a year, and in some cases much much less because the girl joined toward the end of the year.


Our Troop always closes with a Friendship Circle, singing “Make New Friends”, and then a friendship squeeze.  The part I loved most this time was when my brand new Brownie Leader asked if adults were allowed to join in.

They’re going to make it.  They’re really going to make it.


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