I’ve talked about the different ways of voting that I used this year for my Troops to plan their year.  As I was cleaning out my old Troop binders, I found the remains of another method that I particularly liked for my Cadettes.  At that age, it seems hard to get girls to stop talking, and even harder to get them to tell you how they really feel – especially if it goes contrary to the herd . . . ahem, I mean Troop.  Blind voting using the heads down, hands up method works great for Brownies and Juniors, but once they hit middle school/junior high, it’s whole different ballgame.

So, before I went high tech with online surveys, I used stickers. I would hang printouts around our meeting space and give the girls a restricted number of stickers.  Then I would let them go swarm around, look at the different options and put stickers on the ones they wanted to do.  There was usually small conversations going at each sheet, but knowing that they had a limited amount of time limited that, as well.  Time limits are VERY important at this age range.  Cadettes can talk and talk and talk and talk . . .

You can see some of the voting sheets I made during last year: a set for events going on in our Community, a set for songs we would teach at the Girl Scout Ways Badge Workshop (the girls voted “yes” to that one!), and a set for the badges we would try to earn.  The badge voting sheets were actually passed around the table as I explained what each of the badges actually were (Night Owl is pretty confusing, and the term Netiquette needed to be explained).


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