So, one of the biggest issues I have with my two troops is that they are in two different, but neighboring Communities.  My newer Troop’s Community already met this month, but my older Troop’s Community had it’s first meeting of the year last night.  I didn’t send out an email asking parents to come to this meeting, although I am thinking that it might be a good idea.

My two Communities are actually quite different, even though they share a border, geographically.  Brazos Valley, my original Community, is more of a suburban, stay at home mom kind of area – which you would think leads to more volunteers.  But actually, most stay at home mom’s are already committed up to their eyeballs, because everyone assumes they sit home all day eating bonbons just waiting to be asked to take on that volunteer role that gives them a reason for living . . . wait. 😉 Annnnnyways, between driving their daughters to sports practices, music lessons, religious studies, dance classes, tutoring sessions, and volunteering in the PTO, as a room mom, as a coach – stay at home moms are usually as over scheduled as their children in this Community.  By the time new Troops are being formed at the end of September/beginning of October, they are ready to start saying “no”.

Heart of the Brazos, on the other hand, is further out with more farming communities and double income families.  More girls come in with Financial Aid in this Community, and parents have even less time because after working all day, who wants to teach a dozen 6 year old girls how to make friendship bracelets?

But they have very similar monthly meetings.  Our Council would like us to play games, and have ice-breakers at Community meetings, but that really doesn’t work in Brazos Valley – there was nearly booing when it was brought up.  Heart of the Brazos is trying to do a little bit more of that, but not anything extreme.  Mostly, our Community meetings run like this:

  1. Welcome, sign in, grab an agenda and any other handouts
  2. Council News
  3. Upcoming Community Events
  4. Any special speakers (Council reps, Destinations travelers, Council Delegates, etc.)
  5. Ask for volunteers for “blah”
  6. Close (Brazos Valley does door prizes)

IMG_7031Last night was no exception – except that they didn’t have a printed agenda for us. Since I had already heard most of the news from Council at the Heart of the Brazos Meeting, I really only needed to take notes of Brazos Valley specific stuff.  Which there wasn’t a lot of yet.  Rally Night, and Fall Product are the big things for the next three months.  We did get our Troop’s small stuffed hedgehogs from last year’s Cookie Sale (finally) – pretty cute aren’t they?  I also got our next garage sale approved by the Leadership Team after the meeting was over (that’s our Council’s official form for money earning event requests). And I actually won a door prize, I picked the duct tape collection, since my girls decimated our stock at the last meeting . . . 😉

Does your Community/Service Unit have meetings like ours?  Do you do more games and songs, like a Troop meeting?


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