I know that one thing new leaders can never get enough of is information.  Having to search for it, though, is not always not he top of your list, right?  So, how about more Girl Scout goodness delivered fresh to your inbox?  Every month, but only once a month?  Sounds like you need to sign up for my newsletter. 🙂

What will you get each month?  Articles, facts, printables, SWAP ideas, sneak peeks at what I’ll be blogging about that month – all free, and all relevant to that month in Girl Scouting.  For instance in September, I discuss the best way to form Troops that fail at Rally Night – a little shoutout to all the Service Unit/Community Managers/Leaders out there and Registrars, and Recruitment Specialists, and Placement Specialists, and all of the other wonderful volunteers who spend so many hours setting and hosting Rally Night.

You may have already seen the Mail Chimp Pop-up, but if you missed it the one time it pops for you, click the link for a form for you to sign up for my monthly newsletter.


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