You know how you can get the girls in your Troop to sign up to run meetings, you can get them to communicate with you, and get them to plan ceremonies and bring all the materials. You can get them to do all that, but you still sometimes can’t get them to TALK TO EACH OTHER! 

Le sigh. 


Pledge of Allegiance, Promise, and the Law

Senior Girl Scout Presentation

We had three lovely 10th graders who were able to join us to talk about the differences between being a Cadette and being a Senior. They spoke about their continued love of camping, the change to a once a month meeting schedule, the greater opportunities. But they focused on things that I really wanted my girls to hear:

  • Increased Leadership opportunities – they really emphasized that they loved working with younger girls at events and at camp. 
  • Increased responsibilities – to the Troop, taking ownership of the Troop’s activities; which leads to,
  • Increased planning – yep, I’m not a weirdo for making you plan your own meetings. That’s really a thing that you’re supposed to do. 

I really appreciated the way they talked to the girls about Girl Scouts fitting into their schedules easily, although the Gold Award will eat a lot of their time. 

Bridging Ceremony

We had two competing ceremonies planned for our bridging tonight, but thankfully there was enough time for the two girls who signed up to run the ceremony to step outside and work it out. 

While they did that, I wrangle the rest of the girls to make a symbolic bridge for them to cross over. We had intended on using the actual bridge that was outside, but the weather did not cooperate, with rain coming down for the whole meeting. So the girls simply made a “bridge” using two rows of chairs. Not fancy, not Pinterest worthy, but it worked. 

It was a nice ceremony, the girls did a good job. There was a nice poem read line by line by the girls, and finishing with the Girl Scout handshake and a certificate for each new Senior. (I made up a certificate for each girl, and that way I know how many bridging badges to get: total girls – certificates left over. Sometimes I don’t catch every girl who shows up because they will show up at all times throughout the meeting.)

Snacks and Chatting

My co-leader brought some s’mores snacks for the girls, so after the ceremony we just let them have a snack and sit and chat. Do some Troop bonding that the other Troop talked about. 

And I snuck in some Troop business. I used to do all Troop business while they were having snacks because that was when I knew they would be quiet. Just to let you Daisy Troop Leaders know – they learn how to talk with their mouths full as they get older. . . 


As always, our Troop meeting ended with a friendship circle, a couple of rounds of “Make New Friends”, and then a friendship squeeze. We used to have arguments and hurt feelings over who led the squeeze. This year, the girls who are running the meeting do it, one from each side of the circle. No arguing, and the squeeze gets done twice as fast. Which is a pretty big deal when you regularly have more than a dozen girls at a meeting. . .


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