Junior Drawing Badge – Mandalas

Want to try something new for the Junior Drawing Badge?  How about teaching your girls how to draw mandalas?  These have become very popular lately with the advent of those “adult coloring books” that are in every craft and book store.

In fact, you can even download a Girl Scout version from the Girl Scouts of Western Pennsylvania Council!  I also like this butterfly one from Dover publications, since the butterfly is one of the symbols of Juniors.

As far as badge work goes, creating a mandala would fulfill Step 4, “Use your imagination like a graphic artist”, because it talks about creating logos and symbols, IMHO.  And of  course, if you choose to color pre-made mandalas (or other “adult coloring book” style images), have the girls play with different coloring mediums – colored pencils, crayons, markers.  You could even try watercolor pencils, and then wash the images with water to see the colors blend into each other.  This would satisfy Step 1, “Experiment with different materials”. To really bring Step 1 home, talk with them about how it is different to color with one material versus another.

And once your troop has created their mandalas? Before they color them, make copies.  Bind, or staple, or hole punch and make into a Troop coloring book!  Then they have not just their own mandala to color, but also one from each of their friends, as well.

Not sure about how to create a mandala, or how to teach 4th and 5th graders how to do it?  Here’s a few great tutorials I found, from most complex to least complex:

What cool idea did YOU use for the Drawing Badge?


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