GSConv with uniform
At the 52nd Girl Scout National Convention

I’ve realized that I am an adventurer.  There’s even a badge for that, the Senior Adventurer Badge, but I’m a little old for earning badges.  That’s me on the left. I’m way past the age of earning badges, but I’m NOT past the age of having adventures – and being in Girl Scouts is great for women who love adventure.

My name is Jean, and I have been a Girl Scout Leader since my daughter was in Kindergarten in 2006.  Because I had not been a Girl Scout as a girl myself, I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.  But with the help of lots and lots of information available on the internet, I made it through my first year.  And I found something that really fits for me.  It fits my philosophy, it fits my personal view on what girls need to learn, and it fits the sense of adventure I have always loved incorporating into my life.

With a fellow Delegate at the 53rd National Convention

Since that first year, not only have a been blessed with a troop full of amazing girls that I love, but I have also started to be the kind of Leader who bleeds green if you prick them.  I did 3 years as our Service Unit Fall Product Manager.  I became an Outdoor and Enrichment Facilitator (I train Leaders how to take their girls to camp and how to make cool stuff).  I served as a Delegate for my Council at the 53rd National Convention.  I served on our Community Leadership Team, trying to manage a merged Community (previously Service Units) for 2 years.

And then I became Staff for our local Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council, and the adventures continued.  I work as an Outreach Associate, which means I do actually get paid to be a Troop Leader in some of the economically disadvantaged schools in my area.  I also started a second Troop, because I can’t stand to see girls who want to be Girl Scouts denied because no Troop is available for them.

As for why I started this blog – that’s simple.  Over the years since my daughter was a Daisy, I have consistently turned to the internet for help because I did not get the support I needed locally.  I spent hours Googling and pouring over blogs and websites – and this was before Pinterest!  Since then, there have been hundreds of times, if not thousands, when I Googled for information in vain.  “What exactly does a Delegate DO at the National Convention?” “How do I set up my Leader Binder?” “How do I feed vegetarians at camp?” “What do you mean, there’s marshmallows that aren’t halal?!?”  “I don’t like the crafts in the book, what can I do instead?” “Can’t I just take the girls to a hotel?”  I figured if I had those questions, someone else out there is struggling with the same questions.  Leaders that feel unsupported, that want to do things differently, that are looking for new inspiration, that just want to feel capable – you are who I am writing for.  I hope you find something that helps you and your girls.


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